About Us

As one of Cairo's marketing, Mystery Shopping and advertising companies, Dear Guest (DG Group) is focused totally and exclusively on achieving your objectives. We’ve been helping Fortune clients and rising star companies blaze new trails using advertising communications and maintaining customer satisfaction as the catalyst to assure their corporate visions is as effective as it should be. Altogether, we've helped organizations to success. It's because we start with the end in sight and keep our attention riveted on your destination until we reach it. It's a straightforward way of working that appeal to highly ambitious clients who want market-share and want it now through our unique mystery shopping program.

DG’s mission is to bring value to clients' brands by developing innovative communications that deliver a compelling point-of-view and move people to the desired action & to assist interested Companies in delivering a memorable and consistently satisfactory-experience to all their Customers

Are we right for your company? Maybe, you’re not interested in the traditional agencies. Likewise, we're not interested in just another client. In fact, if the synergy's not there, we'll be the first to say so. We'll even try to steer you in a more suitable direction. But if you have a penchant for pushing the creative envelope within a single tap of over the top, DG is very likely a perfect partner for your company.

Are we the biggest?Off course we are not. While bigger doesn't mean better, it does mean more time shuffling paper and supervising staff. Our top executives would rather spend their days interfacing with clients and developing effective marketing programs as well as the mystery shopping to assure implementation that result in successful advertising and public relations campaigns. That's what we're good at and that's why we got into the business in the first place.

How we work? When DG teams up with a client, we become one team. We'll get under your skin. You'll step into our shoes. Ultimately, while we may not always agree on the best route to travel, we'll all have our eye on a single destination success. As your partner, we'll live that destination, breathe it, love it and reach it.

Dear Guest (DG) specializes in the following:

·         Business & Marketing Consulting

·         Interactive Media

·         Advertising

·         Mystery Shopping

·         Brand Logo Creation

·         Customer Satisfaction Solutions

·         Organizing Corporate Events

·         Organizing Life Style Events

·         Printing

Business, Marketing, Mystery Shopping & Customer Satisfaction

With competition so fierce, in order to gain the competitive edge, it is imperative to give customers what they are looking for…SERVICE.  The better the service, the more likely the customer will return and refer their friends and family (their business associates). Therefore if businesses want to stay ahead, they need to be proactively involved in an improvement plan and committed to the continued betterment of their service

Dear Guest (DG Group) will send trained staff members to pose as an ordinary customer, shop your location and evaluate from beginning to end their overall shopping experience. Upon completing the mystery shop, our professional shopper will complete an evaluation that will be customized to specifically meet your needs and expectations. The Shopper will then return the evaluation to our corporate office for further auditing, analyzing and reporting.

That is why DG focuses on industries where “People”, “Products” and “Hospitality” come together.

Why Businesses Need Mystery Shopping Service?

  • There will be never be a second chance to make a first impression
  • It costs you company 5 times more to get a new customer than it does to retain an existing one
  • Today, with increased competition, customers have the ability to look to other companies when they are not satisfied
  • Each year millions of pounds are spent on advertising to attract new customers, yet it is excellent service that keeps them coming back
  • For every one customer complaint you receive, there are other 25  you never hear about, but every one else does
  • The leading cause of dissatisfaction among consumers is usually poor customer service
  • 13% of customer who have a negative experience will tell 20 or more potential clients of their negative experience
  • 82% of customers make the decision to do business with you company simply based on the way the phone is answered
  • 91% of all customers who do complain won’t do business with your company again


Important Corporate & Life Style Event that Dear Guest (DG) have successfully organized

-          CairoConsumer Report (Best of 2004)

-          CairoConsumer Report (Best of 2005)

-          CairoConsumer Report (Best of 2006)

-          Hilton Green Plaza Corporate Event (launching the new rooms & Suits opening) 2006

-          Sheraton Montazah (Miss Alex Beach event) 2006

-          DG Festival 2007

Our Client

Business, Mystery Shopping & Marketing Partners

-          MobiNilShops & CallCenter

-          NileHiltonHotel

-          Ramses Hilton Hotel

-           HiltonGreenPlazaAlexandria

-          Movenpick Jolie Ville Hotel

-          Movenpick Media City Hotel

-           Cairo Sheraton Hotel

-          Sheraton Royal Gardens Hotel

-          Sheraton Montazah Hotel Alexandria

-          Oriental Resort Sharm El Sheikh

-          Wings ToursNileCruises

-           Raya ( Nokia Shops)

-          Sama Trading Samsung ( Phono shops )

-          Mo'men Restaurants

-          El Borg Laboratory

-          Bon Appetit Restaurants

-          Oberoi Restaurants

-          Wessaya Restaurants

-          Al Tazaj Restaurants 


Media & printing (DG Magazine)

Dear Guest (DG) Company successfully released its Business & Life Style magazine in 2002 which have clearly & rapidly found its way to be one of Egypt’s best English magazines in the market. In addition of the normal coverage and articles that all other magazines in the market present, DGmagazine focuses on all customer service related issues through its main chapters such as, Mystery shopping chapter, Enrich your Knowledge and all marketing & customer services articles.

DG also interview executives through our executive of the month chapter, lady of the month chapter, even further by focusing on either an industry or an organization in terms of customer satisfaction.

DG distributionvenues include, major hotels, bookshops and newsstands, supermarkets, airports, tourism centers, embassies, cultural centers, advertisers, numerous Egyptian and international business people, VIPs and the top decision makers within the national and multinational industries in addition to the AHRAM Newspaper as they are our distribution agent.

Through the magazine we gained the respect & trusts of over 100 new clients in the business of advertisement within the past three years.

DG Magazine is published every two month addressing all categories starting from teens, ladies, hoteliers, travelers, and business men through its main chapters such as:

-          Covering weddings, social & corporate events.

-          Box office reviews for those people interesting in cinema & movies.

-          DG Fashion chapter.

-          DG cuisine.

-          DG features which cover different types of life style articles.

-          DG beauty for ladies.

-          Celebrities interviews which we minimum interview more than three celebrities per issue.

-          DG all around chapter, which we focus on travel destination and different hotels all over the world.

-          DG auto chapter, read about your favorite cars.

-          Business editorials, which we write about customer service, marketing and other business articles.

-          Top executive interviews with Egypt's top business men.

-          The hottest topic of DG magazine is our Mystery Shopping chapter, in which we do the role of the mystery customer in all fields and gives our readers a very interesting topic to read.

Dear Guest Magazine Distribution:

·        3000 copies complimentary (top VIP’s and decision makers)

  • 5000 copies El Ahram outlets stretching all over the A.R.E. All returnable copies are distributed complimentary to different outlets between café's, hotels, social clubs and special events.
  • 1000 copies sales and marketing departments reaching prominent clients and franchise.
  • 1000 copies selective subscribers.